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Monday, October 6, 2014

Hopes Beauty Buzz

Okay, I get a ton of questions on what beauty products I use daily, so I decided that I will be posting here and there about my current obsessions. I'm far from a beauty guru, but I know what I like.
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1. Herablife Skin Care line-
A full line of everything you need for your daily skin care needs, I have super sensitive skin and I'm also a freak about anti aging! Every product in this line smells amazing and I'm obsessed with whats its done for my skin. I suggest you starting on the advanced programs o that you get the scrub and mask as well"heaven" You can order from my site below.

2. Lay and Go Makeup bag- 
so I was tired of having 3 separate makeup bags and starting googling for the best bag around and wall-a i found this gem! I didn't know what to expect until it arrived and I've got to try it out myself, i will never use another bag! Seriously, its the perfect size and if you're like me you usually stroll your makeup all over your bathroom counter every morning and most times you don't have time to put it all away? Well with this you just scrunch it up and go! NO cleaning!!

3. Frank Body Scrub-
We all know ho important failing exfoliation is but we don't all do it, not only does frank smell exceptional but it makes your skin feel amazing!

4. Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs-
Ever run out of time? Well this is me always when it comes to getting a spray tan, and lets be honest, if you can't tone it tan it. So this is one of my biggest secrets;) I seriously can spray myself in 10 minutes and it looks flawless, plus those imperfections are hidden and its waterproof, score!!!! I usually stock up so that  never run out! I use dark glow.

5. The Body Shop Body Butter-Coconut
Moisturized skin is key to keeping your youthful glow, i hate dry skin so I'm constantly looking for the best lotions around. This body butter is true to 24 hours moisture and smells amazing. Best part is that its not sticky.

6. Its a 10 Miracle Styling Serum-
It does 10 incredible things to your hair before styling without weighing it down. For those of you who font know I have extensions and I need to do anything I can to maintain my "hair" this product works best for me!

7. Pump It Up Spritz-
Bet you've never heard of this? I hadn't either until i was at a shoot and my hair stylist used this on my hair! Its incredible, you just spray before you curl and it hold so well without making your hair hard or sticky!!! I highly suggest using this instead of spraying tons of hair spray that will weight you hair down and dry it out.

8. Soothing and De Puffing Eye make Up Remover from Almay-
Ive always had puffy eyes, so I love this stuff. I try to be extra careful while cleaning around my eyes, this works wonders for getting the eye makeup off fast while soothing the area.

9. Hair Expertise: OleoTherapy Deep Recovery Mask
I try to do a mask on my hair once a week, this works great! Plus its not $30.00

10. Marrakesh Endz-
Split ends are the worst and makes your hair look so dry and brittle. This is a great quick fix! You can add to your hair wet or dry to smooth the ends without making it oily, my favorite part is the scent!!!!