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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Meal Prep 101

Okay, so you see all the fit gurus talk about meal prepping and trust me its not just a 'thing' its real and its important.  I highly suggest meal prepping to all my clients. Why is it so important you ask?

1. Be prepared-if you're like me, you will justify anything when you're hungry. this way you have no excuses and always have your food with you.
2. Stay on track -the best way to get results is to not miss meals, and when you're busy its tough to remember when to eat, or find the time to get food.
3. Save money-lets face it, you can easy spend over $40.00 a day on eating out. Buy your groceries in bulk from a wholesale store like Costco or Sams.

Typical meal prep
protein, complex carb, and green veggie.

I like to stick to whole foods and I cook in bulk.

Example of Meal prep-Prep Time 40 minutes
8 large chicken breast grilled
4 cups cous cous
5 cups of cooked green beans

This is just one example, I typically make a menu f 4 or 5 meals and 3 different snack ideas for the week so that I have options.

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