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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AB Curcuit

Hey guys, so I will stress that abs are made in the kitchen and it took me a long time of focusing on my diet to get where I am at today.  Abs are one of the hardest thing to get, but if you stay determined anything is possible.  i get asked all the time what workouts I do and how often i work out my core.  Well the truth is I only do an ab circuit once a week for 30 minutes.  I'm a true testament that you just need to make sure you're putting the right nutrients into your body to get the results you want.  Also, alcohol is your enemy.  Since i've been on my fitness kick I have really limited myself when it come to beverages and when I do have a drink it usually just vodka water with extra lemon:)  NO Carbs at night is a true trick to help you get those rock hard abs;) It seems we have this mis conception that we need carbs not make our meals complete and to feel full, this is not the case.  Our bodies fill up not nutrients and not calories, so keep this in mind when you're planing you nightly meals.

Workout: 4 sets
-low plank 30 seconds
-side plank(both sides) 30 seconds

-high plank 30 seconds
-frog crunches 30 seconds
-bicycles 30 seconds
-lift up to leg lift 30 seconds

Me in July 2012

This is me today


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