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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just Sayin

Fast food was my addiction.  Why did I constantly make the decision to go there when I knew it made me feel like crap? The high! So, I changed my obsession to fitness,  found a new high.  Do the research, anyone who is obsessed with fitness is also obsessed with nutrition.  I began my focus on 80% nutrition and 20 % fitness.  Trust me without this combo you and I CAN'T reach ours goals. It's all about the decision.  Ask yourself, 'What I eat in this moment, is it going to kill me or make me fat TODAY?"  No, but in the long run yes.  Have a goal in your mind everyday, Where do you want to be? Healthy? Why yes, thats a crazy question you may think; but why do people take the other route? So simple, yet not easy.  I dare you to challenge yourself for 3 days, eat clean and workout for 3 days, no cheats.  I CAN 100% GUARANTEED you to feel better than you would on any normal day.   You'll feel the high that I'm so passionate about.  Energy levels go up, digestive issues fade, and that definition will start to show.  

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