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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Best Tuna Fish you'll ever have!

I'm always looking for  quick and healthy lunch ideas, and who doesn't love tuna fish? It's a low carb high protein fix but the mayonnaise always scares me away.  I've found the a great alternative that taste even better than traditional mayonnaise.   It's all natural, has no carbohydrates, unsweetened, and no preservatives. If that doesn't sell you, it comes in  gluten free and lower sodium forms.  Lemonaise can be found in any natural food store, but if you don't have one close it can be ordered HERE.
      Another great grocery store find this week is Trader Joe's amazing NO SALT ADDED TUNA FISH.  If you love low sodium products, how great is that? and not only is it low sodium but its the best tuna I have ever eaten; very chunky and fresh tasting, unlike other tunas.

Tuna Fish:( I always cook in bulk, plus I have 2 to cook for)
-6 cans of Trader Joe's Tuna
-1/2 red onion chopped
-2 tbs chia seeds
-2 tbs Lemonaise
-3 boiled eggs chopped
-Mrs. Dash garlic pepper seasoning
**can add celery and red onion for extra crunch.

Serve on EZEKIEL BREAD, or whole grain crackers

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