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Monday, November 12, 2012

Curve Appeal

I get asked all the time: How do you build lean muscle? First, you have to eat right, bump up your protein intake, and hydrate. All this as well as a  complete balanced diet with whole grains, fruits, and healthy fats.  Secondly, you have to lift weights, start slow, and challenge your muscles in order to gain more mass. Free weights work best because you can use them in many different ways.   Most women today want a toned curvy body, and the only way to get this is to lift weights! Here are a few workouts that help you give your body the curves you desire.

Place your weight back on your heels and make sure your knees don't go past your toes.  You should look like you're trying to sit in a chair.  Great for working out hamstring, quads, and butt.

Dead lifts: Start  with your feet together with a slight bend in the knee.  Slowly bend over while keeping back straight until you ht right past your knee. Great for lower back, butt, and hamstrings.

Lunges: Keep upper body straight with shoulders back. Bend both legs at a 90 degree angle and do not let knee touch the floor. Great  full lower body workout.

Dips: Great for toning the back of your upper arm, no more teacher arms;)  Keep chest up and open, and do not let butt touch the ground.  Elbows should be close to your side. Bend elbows to a 90 degree and then back up.

Incline Push Ups: All push ups are great for your arms and back, but an incline push up will target the chest area more.  Simply perform a standard push up on an elevated surface. (This can be done on a chair, bed, or coach:))

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