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Sunday, November 4, 2012

weights weights weights

Weights, Weights, Weights!!!
     Most girls are scared of them because they think they will become bulky and too muscular; not the case!  Two years ago my routine was always the same in the gym: 30 minutes cardio and abs.  My body never changed and I never saw the results I wanted.   It's not until I started lifting did my body transition into what it is now.  I would get most compliments on my legs but now I even get them about my arms! Light weight high rep, I incorporate this everyday into my workouts!! Do yourself a favor and purchase a pair of 5 lb. weights, it can make a huge difference in your workouts!!
     I love starting Mondays off with a full body circuit.  Here is a 2 set circuit that can be done at home or in the gym.  I posted videos so that you can get a better idea. SEE HERE. and HERE

Round 1:

Push-up 10 reps
Mountain climbers 30 sec
Twist 15 reps

Jump rope 100 jumps

Butt up knees in 15 reps
Weight to knee 10 reps on each leg

Round 2:

Curls 20 reps
Lateral raises 20 reps

Step up and lunge 10 reps on each leg

High knees 30 sec
Butt kicks 30 sec
Squat jumping jack 30 sec

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