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Monday, January 28, 2013

Healthy Chicken Fried Rice

 This weekend was great.  Friday night I was contemplating on what to eat, so I started looking around my fridge and cabinets and decided to make this healthy version of a fried rice.  It very fast and simple. Like i've said before, we always have food cooked in bulk so we have NO excuses.   I had 2 pre cooked chicken breast and a bowl full of cooked brown rice. I could have easily just eaten the two together like I normally do but when you start eating the same thing over and over you get creative. 

-1 large chicken breast, seasoned, cooked, and diced.
-2 cups of cooked brown rice
-1-2 bags of frozen mixed veggies(**I buy frozen veggies because they last longer and are easy to cook, I would love to use more fresh veggies, it's just not realistic for me and time schedule, I stray from canned anything;) I bought the one with carrots, peas, and green beans
-1 tsp of crushed garlic
-2 tsp of sesame oil
-3 egg whites
-3 tsp of Bragg's Liquid Aminos ( I put this on everything:), can be found at any Health food store, Whole foods, Central Market, or online at
1. Place pan on high heat and add oil and garlic.
2. Throw in cooked rice and eggs, saute until eggs are cooked
3. The bags of veggies I bought just steam in the microwave, throw those in the pan after steamed.
4. Add chicken last, saute and add Liquid Aminos
5. Saute for a good 5-10 minutes until done.

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