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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kick your BUTT workout

I did this workout yesterday and I literally can't walk or sit down, now you know that when you did a tough workout.  I hope you all have set  your self up for success with reaching you health and fitness goals.  Initially I was going to wait until May to do my first competition, but I think i'm going to pick up the pace and do one in March.  Hard core competition prep starts next week.  This gives me about 8 weeks.  I have come a long way since last year, now it just time to cut down and see my results.

1. 1 legged squats.
-Do both legs, 3 sets at 20, 15, 12 reps.
-Remember to push up with your heel and keep core tight.
* This can be done on your coffee table at home.

2. Squats:  
-20 reps at 24lb on each side, 15 at 35lb on each side, 12 at 50 on each side
-If you need to lower your weights thats fine
-On last set do as many as you can at highest weight. 
-Keep back straight, push with heels, and tap butt on bench to make sure you get low enough.  
* for those of you at home, do this with free weights, grab a chair and actually sit straight back like you are sitting in a chair. Utilize free weight if you have them on hand.  

Plie squats with bar:
-3 sets 20 reps each. 
-You don't have to use a weight, there is an option to use a free weight 5lb or 10lb hold while squatting.  -Keep back straight, point toes outward, and bring butt straight down.  
* Can be done without weight as well! 


This was my last competition, I cant wait to compete again and see how far I've come!! I will be competing earlier than I thought in March.  Woo the next 8 weeks are going to be tough but I'm more than ready. If you are starting your competition prep soon, let me know would love to trade advice and  help you on your journey. 

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